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Delaware Fishing Charters, Delaware Deep Sea Sport Fishing

Delaware Fishing Charters, Delaware Deep Sea Sport Fishing

Welcome anglers to Delaware fishing where you can enjoy a day's fishing in Delaware Bay or a day fishing the offshore waters of Delaware. The Delaware coast from Cape May northward is teeming with great and exciting species like striper, flounder, and trout with numerous quality Delaware fishing charters available for charter that will put you on these and many other Delaware species.

For Delaware sport fishing their are many experienced Delaware offshore sport fishing charters you can hire to hook you up with a trophy fish of your dreams that would include white marlin to big yellowfin tuna and more. It does not matter if you are a complete amateur angler or a born and bread master angler with saltwater fishing in the blood you can hire any number of many Captains to accommodate you and your party for a Delware charter fishing trip.

Delaware fishing charters will use any and all fishing techniques to put you on the fish and give you an exciting day of Delware deep sea sport fishing. Of course there is trolling, which is the most widely used technique where your baits, artificial or real are just pulled behind the boat at a relatively slow speed. This type of fishing is where you just let the Captain run the boat along while you wait for a bite, or a "knockdown" as experienced anglers call it. Once that happens the mate will grab the rod, set the hook (hook the fish), and hand it over to you so you can do the rest of the work by cranking that big game fish to the boat. Talk about fun sportfishing!

Then there are numerous other tactics like bottom fishing where you just drop your lines to the bottom and wait for a bite. This could be done on an underwater wreck which is then called wreck fishing. Wreck fishing in Delaware can mean you are fishing for tautog, sea bass, or other bottom fish that like it around rocky or rough bottom. Then there is also casting, jigging, drift fishing, chunking, kite fishing, and a few others that are all an equally fun part of Delaware charter fishing.

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Delaware Saltwater Charter Fishing

When you consider that the state of Delaware has only 28 miles of coast on the Atlantic Ocean, you might not think there’s much saltwater fishing done here. Think again! When you add in the shorelines of Delaware’s bays and inlets, you’ll discover 381 miles of tidal shoreline, including fantastic fishing spots like Delaware Bay, Rehoboth Bay, and Indian River Inlet. And of course, Delaware ports have full access to the entire Atlantic Ocean, too.

Striped bass fishing is great in the bays and inlets. The state record fish weighed 51.5 pounds and was landed in Indian River Inlet. This inlet also produced the state record flounder, at almost 18 pounds. Delaware Bay produced four record fish – a 115-pound black drum, a 19 pound-2 ounce seatrout, a 3 pound-5 ounce Atlantic mackerel, and a swordfish that weighed in at 276 pounds, 12 ounces. You’ll have no problem located fishing guides and charter boats in Delaware who specialize in fishing the bays and inlets.

Offshore fishing for marlin, tuna, dorado, and wahoo is very productive from mid-summer through early fall. Both blue and white marlin prowl the deep offshore canyons in the warmer months. The largest blue marlin ever recorded in the state weighed 820 pounds, while the record white was a 120-pound fish. The largest tuna landed weighed 322 pounds and was caught near Baltimore Canyon. The record dorado, or dolphinfish, weighed 49 pounds, and the winning wahoo was a 94-pound whopper. Most Delaware fishing charters that travel to the deep water offshore are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, safety equipment, and comfortable appointments.

One really fun type of Delaware fishing charters is the night fishing trip for black drum. These fish feed on or near the bottom around clam beds, oyster beds, and rocks. The males make a drumming noise, which fishermen on the water can sometimes hear. Black drum get large. The Delaware state record was a 115-pound specimen that was landed in Delaware Bay. By the way, that same fish holds the world record, too.

Other desirable fish found in Delaware waters include cod, false albacore, tautog, bluefish, seabass, porgy, kingfish, Atlantic mackerel, Atlantic croaker, king mackerel, true albacore, and sheepshead. Several shark species also call Delaware home, including the acrobatic mako. Delaware’s state record mako tipped the scales at 975 pounds and was caught in one of the deep offshore canyons. Also, small sand sharks are plentiful and easy to catch, making them a great target for kids.

You’ll find a large fleet of charter boats in Delaware. Whatever you’re looking for in the way of a specific area, specific fish, or client comfort level, you’ll have no problem finding just the right boat and crew.

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